Preventing Aquarium Snails from Escaping Effective Strategies

Aquarium Snails from Escaping:Tips to Prevent

Snails are one of the most attractive inhabitants of aquariums. They are always chosen to be kept with other tank mates to bring harmony to the water. Along with their several valuable functions, these snails have many consequences. One of the significant issues aquarists claim is that their snails start coming out of the tank. So, how to keep snails from crawling out of the aquarium?

There are many ways, tips, and tricks to keep snails from crawling out of the water. For example, if you give them enough food, they will not try to get out of it. Similarly, the addition of snail-friendly objects in the aquarium is another best solution. So, it means you can try different things.

Do you know what are the causes and reasons that are urging them to come out of their comfort zone (aquariums)? I’m going to cover all of the reasons along with a list of a few ways in order to keep them in their homes. So, let’s begin the guide.

Reasons & Solutions Why Your Snail Is Climbing Out of The Aquarium?

I’m going to look at the reasons why snails are always busy escaping the aquarium. Also, I’ll give you solutions for every reason.

Poor Aquarium:

Snails are just like fish because these creatures also require good water and other things to survive. If the aquarium does not fulfill the following conditions, the snails will always stay in search of a better place:

  • 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of the aquarium.
  • pH level is 7 to 8.
  • Soft and more delicate surfaces of the aquarium.

So, you gotta think about it that the conditions of preparing a beautiful and healthy aquarium are fulfilled.

Snail’s looking for Food:

Snails are food lovers. They are constantly crawling here and there with only one purpose – food. Algae, plants, and fish leftovers are their favorite prey.

So, what if they do not have enough food in the tank? It’s evident that their respiratory system will collapse if they do not search for something to eat. That’s the reason most snails try to get out of their house.

Due to Fish Fights:

Some fishes, like guppies and tetras, are jealous of other creatures. They want to rule in the aquarium alone and try to kick off everybody else. On the flip side, most of the snails are peaceful and friendly tank mates. 

So, if the snails come in contact with a very aggressive fish, they try to escape from the aquarium. According to my experience, it’s best to keep the snails and aggressive fish in separate tanks. Too many fish and small tank size could be another reason behind the escaping journey of snails.

Nature Can’t be Changed:

Snails like to live in those places where water is scarcely available. Therefore, they are in the hands of their natural instinct, which pushes them to climb up and down. My Nerite snails are always half submerged, which is in their nature.

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Additional Solutions to Keep Your Snails From Climbing Out of the Aquarium:

Snails Escaping for aquarium

As we know, aquariums are one of the fundamental and natural habitats of snails. They are not meant to live outside of it. So, what are the additional solutions that we need to check out to keep our snails inside the aquarium? Here, I’m going to quote a few of them.

Remove Toxic Substances:

Some of the harmful substances build up in the snail tanks, naturally—for example, nitrites, ammonia, and nitrates. Excretory products of the tank inhabitants, like fish, snails, etc., are the major sources that create a mess.

Color changes are not evident in the tank water for both ammonia and nitrates. This makes it challenging to predict the accumulation of these detrimental substances. However, I have a solution for my readers to find the presence of these unseen substances.

Kits! Yes, there are kits available on various platforms (online + offline) that can easily find the substances that are harmful to your snails. Such types of kits work like a regular check-up of your aquarium water.

Important Note:

Kits are not the only solution to keep your snails safe and sound in the aquariums. You can also install filters inside the aquariums. These filters keep the water neat and clean by catching more minor impurities.

Monitor Water Temperature and pH Levels:

pH levels and temperature have a direct effect on the health of your snails (either directly or indirectly). It would help if you understood the fact that snails need alkaline water. It is only possible to get balanced water if the pH is maintained.

For example, 8.1 to 8.4 is the best pH level that aquarists suggest. Furthermore, acidic conditions of the tank are directly harmful to the health of snails. Thus, as I have mentioned before, 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the suitable variation of temperature for your snails.

Do you have any idea how to maintain pH level and temperature? I always suggest using temperature regulators and pH monitors. Both of these products are super easy to use and less costly.

Minerals Addition:

Minerals are those substances that can decide the hardness of water. The minerals play a vital role in order to maintain the health of your snails. So, if you add more calcium to snail tanks, their shells become more shiny and robust.

So, how to add more calcium to the water for the snails? Calcium supplements are the correct answer. You can also add naturally occurring limestone to the tank. Just crush them and add them along with the corals.

Addition of Snail-Friendly Objects:

Sharp objects are not friendly to the snails. They can pierce holes in their shells and can harm them. Scratches due to sharp substrates attached to the gravels can cause infections and diseases in snails’ bodies.

I think sand is more interesting if you use sand in place of sharp substrates. However, if you are interested in using substrates instead of sand, you can use round-shaped substrates. So, we learned to fit sand in place of the sharp edges of tank decorations. Moreover, it provides smooth places for the snails to let them crawl freely.

Buy a Cover:

Covering the opening of the aquarium with the help of a cover or a lid is the most favorite solution. I love this way of saving snails from wandering here and there because it’s the most obvious one.

Yet, you need to understand that using a cover will also block the exchange of gasses. That’s where the use of lids comes in handy. For more tips and tricks to keep snails in the watery aquariums, watch this fantastic YouTube video.

You can also get help from these Reddit fellows to keep them safe. Just ask for assistance with your snails; the Reddit fellows keeping snails in order will assist you.


Will my mystery snails crawl out of the water? I’m worried about them.

Yes, there are possibilities that your mystery snails will crawl out of the water, especially if they have a bigger size. These are tidal snails and love to breathe air directly.

Help! Why are my snails at the top of the tank after the water change?

Don’t worry, it’s so simple. When the oxygen content in the water is low, the snails try to be at the top of the tank after the water changes. Plus, they get irritated due to water exchange because the content in the water is different for them.

How long can a snail be out of water?

It depends on the specific species of snails. For example, nerite snails can be out of water for up to a month. So, if your Nerite snails are out of water for a longer period, don’t worry. It’s a normal state for them to enjoy in the air!

How many snails to keep in the aquarium?

You asked an excellent question. Monitoring the number of snails per gallon is very important. You can add 2 to 5 snails per 5 liters of water in an aquarium.

Keeping too many snails in the same tank is itself a problem. That’s why I prefer to keep a limited number of snails to keep the ecosystem balanced. Overcrowding is another issue that causes the snails to get out of their habitat.

Bottom Line:

I hope you enjoy reading the various solutions for the guide “How to Keep Snails from Crawling Out of the Aquarium?” So, in the end, I would like to reiterate that it’s a common habit of various snail species that they climb to diagnose what’s beyond the world. Also, it’s easy to take care of your pet snails if you follow the steps mentioned above.

Last but not least, carefully observe the behavior of your particular snails. You’ll get to know what’s their problem.

If you have any other issues regarding snails, I’m all ears. Please share your views with me. I would like to give you appropriate guides regarding your specific problem.

Thank you for reading!