Mystery Snail Not Moving - Why

Mystery Snail Not Moving – Why?

Aquariums increase the beauty of our homes, and we also enjoy the beauty of aquatic creatures in the tanks. Mostly, aquarists prefer to keep mystery snails because these are friendly and peaceful mates. Moreover, mystery snails quickly grow. Despite all these things, aquarists often get worried because of “mystery snails not moving” behavior.

Mystery snails’ not moving behavior doesn’t necessarily mean it is dead. It’s their normal condition. Mostly, it means the mystery snail is sleeping, hibernating, taking rest, or simply not in the mood for any activity. Also, it stops moving due to inappropriate water conditions, new habitat(tank), or hostile environment. 

So, how do you deal with the dormant mystery snails? In this guide, I’ll cover all the reasons why mystery snails are not moving and how to cure them to get out of this situation. Just read on to find out everything related to the state of mystery: snails not moving.

Let’s dig in!

Why is the mystery snail not moving?

The first thought that comes to the minds of some aquarists when they see a mystery snail not moving is, “Alas! It’s dead.” However, this is not the case many times. If a mystery snail is not moving, it doesn’t mean your beautiful snail is no more.

There are many signs that clearly show if a mystery snail dies. Here, I’m going to address a few reasons why the mystery snail is not moving:

  1. Sleeping

Do you know when mystery snails are sleeping, they stop moving? It’s the same process that goes with every human and animal when they fall asleep. However, mystery snails do not have a specific sleeping pattern like us.

They fall asleep whenever they need it, no matter if they are in the middle of the tank. More interestingly, they do not sleep for 7 to 12 hours. They take a maximum sleep of 2 to 3 days, and only a few individuals take sleep of 13 to 15 hours.

So, if your mystery snail is not moving, the 80 % chances are they are sleeping.

  1. Poor Water Condition

Secondly, poor water condition is one of the main reasons why mystery snails are not moving. They are so sensitive about the water in the tank where they live day to night. Moreover, they feel stressed if the water conditions go up and down regularly.

So, whenever the water condition of the tank is poor, they start retreating into their body shells. To maintain a suitable water condition for mystery snails, the ammonia, nitrate, and copper levels must be zero. Plus, 6.5 to 7.5 is the right pH level of the water suitable for mysteries.

  1. Hibernating

Mystery snails go through a state where they stop moving. This state is known as hibernation. Even though the tank conditions are suitable for the snails, they start hibernating due to a lack of food.

In this state, the mystery snail not moving condition continues for a longer time period. Also, it happens with wild mystery snails when they need to survive the extreme winters and summers. They eat less and reduce their metabolic activity to conserve energy.

  1. Coldness

As I have mentioned before, mystery snails are susceptible to unsuitable water conditions. Whenever they feel that the water is cold, they stay in their shells until the water comes back to a normal state.

You know, the average water temperature for mystery snails is 20 to 28 C. So, when your cute mystery snails are still and stunned, they are alive but feeling cold.

  1. Hostile Environment

As you know, mystery snails are peaceful and happy tank mates; they do not try to harm others. Moreover, they like a relaxed environment.

But what if other tank mates are hostile towards mystery snails? As a result, the mystery snails feel threatened and unsafe. They hide in their shells and remain inactive until they feel safe again or any other tank mate is not around.

  1. Active at Night

It is said that mystery snails are night explorers. They remain inactive during the daylight and retreat in their shells.

But whenever the lights are turned off, they become active in darkness. At night, they explore the mysteries of night and eat food.

  1. New Environment

The new environment and lifestyle are always a bit uncomfortable for mystery snails. That’s why they remain inactive and do not even move from their first place when they are kept in a new environment.

Usually, mystery snails take at least 2 to 3 days to become familiar with the new environment and become active again. After this time period, they stay happy in the new habitat.

  1. Eat Too Much

Mystery snails often eat inappropriately, and they eat too much. If they overeat, they feel bloated and hard to work.

This is another reason behind their behavior of “mystery snails not moving.” So, this is the common case when these snails show they are dead, but in an actual sense, they are lying.

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How To Treat Mystery Snails that Stopped Moving?

As I have mentioned before, there could be many reasons why mystery snails show abnormal states of inactivity for many days and even weeks. There are some treatments and techniques that can help you cure your mystery snail’s dormant condition. Let’s begin:

  1. Adjust the Water Parameter: Strictly maintain the water conditions for keeping snails happy in the tank. It may include temperature, tank size, and water pH. You can also use a high-quality heater to avoid fluctuations in water parameters.
  2. Change Water Regularly: If you change the tank water regularly, it is directly beneficial for the health of your mystery snails and other tank mates. It will also limit the chemical and bacterial growth and decrease the dust particles in the aquarium.
  3. Feed Properly: If you do not feed them properly, it can affect their health, and they can die due to the unavailability of food. Offer them calcium-rich food like flakes, pellets, kale, lettuce, cuttlebone, crushed coral, spinach, basil, etc. Always remember that a healthy food habit is very important for keeping them active all the time.
  4. Choose the Right Tank Mate: Mystery snails are very innocent and do not harm other tank mates. If other mates are aggressive towards them, it’s terrible for their health. So, choose Nerite snails, Cory Catfish, Ghost Shrimp, and Guppies as their peaceful friends.
  5. Pick Right Mystery Snails: Check the appearance and behavior of mystery snails at the time when you are buying them. For example, check if their shells are OK or broken/cracked. Also, check if they are active or not.


  1. How do I know if my mystery snail is dying?

There are a couple of signs that show your mystery snail is dying. The common symptoms of an unhealthy mystery snail include lethargy, unusual shell discoloration or damage, and an unusual odor. If you notice these signs, immediately consult a veterinarian or experienced aquarium hobbyist to save the life of your mystery snails.

  1. Why is my mystery snail not very active?

Mystery snails can be less active if the water conditions are unfavorable. It’s a common fact in mystery snails when they become very lazy. So, what to do now? You must ensure the water is clean, properly filtered, and within the appropriate temperature range for mystery snails (around 68-78°F or 20-26°C).

Additionally, check for signs of stressors like aggressive tank mates or inadequate hiding places. If problems are still there, consult with experienced aquarium enthusiasts or a veterinarian. I think it is a good idea to check them regularly to see if there are any signs of inactivity.

  1. Why hasn’t my snail moved in weeks?

First of all , make sure that your snail really has not moved at all for weeks. This is because snails are nocturnal.

Still, if your snail has not moved in weeks, check water parameters such as temperature, pH, and ammonia levels to ensure they are within the suitable range for mystery snails. 

Also, your snail could be escalating/hibernating. Moreover, lack of movement can also be due to insufficient nutrition. So, make sure the snail is receiving a balanced diet.

  1. Why isn’t my mystery snail not closing the trapdoor?

A mystery snail’s failure to close its trapdoor could indicate stress or health issues. Injuries or damage to the snail’s foot can also affect trapdoor function. Furthermore, proper nutrition is crucial; a calcium-rich diet helps maintain a healthy shell.

  1. How Long Can Mystery Snail Go Without Moving?

In rare cases, mystery snails can go without moving for up to 2 weeks. They can usually stay dormant for at least 13 hours without eating. There are also many exceptional cases when they do not move for three weeks.


So, our guide, “Mystery Snails Not Moving,” comes to a conclusion. We found that it’s a normal state of the mystery snails when they stop moving and limit their activities. There is nothing to worry about that they are dead. And if you take care of your mystery snails on a regular basis, they will never keep themselves inactive without any reason. Sometimes, it happens when mystery snails start floating, it is another state when they are inactive intentionally or unintentionally.

If you have any questions about the health of mystery snails, let me know in the comments section. I would be happy to answer your queries and help you regarding the well-being of your aquarium snails.