Will Assassin Snails Kill Nerite Snails Learn All About It Here!

Will Assassin Snails Kill Nerite Snails: Find Out!

Assassin snails will kill Nerite snails. They kill Nerite snails in the form of a group or a gang. Assassin snails are desperate but cannot take down the Nerites without creating a group. Otherwise, a single assassin snail cannot kill a Nerite snail. This is because Nerite snails are larger. Moreover, assassin snails only try to kill and eat nerites if other foods or smaller snails are unavailable in their tank.

Do you know Nerite snails are not the preferred prey of assassin snails? Assassin snails love to eat bladder and ramshorn snails. Nerites are just their secondary prey if their primary diet is not available. So, if you want to know more about coexisting nerites and assassins, follow the footprints of this guide.

Let’s begin this snail’s topic!

Will assassin snails kill nerite snails?

According to the discussion of researchers from the UK Aquatic Plant Society, assassin snails will kill Nerite snails if they are starving and their primary food is unavailable. This research clearly shows that assassin snails do not bother to eat Nerites. But, they do not hesitate to eat them if the conditions do not suit them.

I don’t know why nerites are not their preferred prey. Maybe nerite snails have lousy flavor, or simply, these snails are not tasty? According to the experience of one of the members of the UK Aquatic Plant Society, Froth Helmet, assassin snails can eat Nerite snails. He gave some Theodoxus nerites to one of his friends. But, an assassin snail was hidden in the aquarium.

And yes, they saw an assassin snail eating a Nerite snail. Although this Nerite was smaller than their average size, the assassin snail was definitely found eating it. Here is an exciting video footage on YouTube where an assassin snail is attacking a Nerite snail.

Why Do Assassin Snails Kill Nerite Snails?

According to the report of one of my Reddit fellows, assassin snails do kill Nerite snails because they are carnivores. So, any other snail that is smaller in size than an assassin snail will become prey to assassin killers. However, they are not purely carnivores. They are also included in the category of omnivores. Apart from their carnivorous behavior, here are a few other reasons why assassin snails kill Nerite snails:

  • Assassin snails feed on fresh foods like protein, fish, meat, and so on. Even though their preferred food is available in the tank, they eat the living snails that are fresher than these food items.
  • Secondly, assassin snails are killer snails. They like to kill any organism that comes in their way and is easy to kill. Simply put, assassin snails are hunters or predators.
  • Assassin snails are venomous, and their acidic venom can harm the Nerite snails even if they do not attack Nerites directly. This type of venom can easily melt a few parts of the shells of Nerite snails. It can infect the Nerite snails and lead them to death.
  • You know, assassin snails decide what food to eat next based on the item’s smell. They pick what they feel is better in smell. If your Nerite snails smell better than other food items and prey snails, they will like Nerites to eat, not their primary food. It depends on the assassin!

Thus, after reading the reasons mentioned earlier, I conclude that we cannot expect the assassin snails to play by a few descendant rules. These snails are unpredictable!

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Can Assassin Snails Coexist with Nerite Snails?

Yes, assassin snails can coexist with Nerite snails. I know you think that assassin snails can eat Nerite snails, as I have mentioned before in the above section. However, it does not happen if both types of snails live in a bigger tank and a lot of algae is given to them to prey on. According to the report of Ollie TY on the UK Aquatic Plant Society, she’s kept one nerite snail and one assassin snail in the same tank for more than two years.

Both snails are living together, and they do not fight and eat one another. This is because they have plenty of food and space. Otherwise, the researchers at the Fish Lore forum clearly answered that assassin snails can harvest/kill the over-populated tanks of Nerite and Mystery snails. They can kill whatever comes in their way that is primarily of their own size.

Moreover, Nerite snails will not become “sacrificial” if pest snails are present in the tank along with the assassin snails. The assassin snails will never go for the bigger Nerite snails until they have pest snails in the tank. So, whenever the small-feeder snails are extinguished, the assassin snails will gang up to kill the more enormous Nerite snails.

If you want to control the snail population in the tank, you can use a “snail trap” from Amazon instead of keeping assassin snails. Also, it would help if you considered “How many Nerite snails per gallon?” to help you balance harmony in the aquarium/tank. You can also read “Is flex seal aquarium safe” for assassin and Nerite snails. These topics will help you avoid any mishaps with snails.


1.Do baby assassin snails kill and eat Nerite snails?

No, baby assassin snails do not kill and eat Nerite snails. These are adult assassin snails that kill Nerite snails. These adult snails can easily kill sick and smaller snails.

2.Nerite snails are unsafe around assassin snails; what other snails can live with assassin snails?

There is a simple rule of thumb associated with keeping any other creature with assassin snails – larger prey are safe with assassin snails. For example, Ivory Snails, Gold Inca Snails, Rabbit Snails, Japanese Trapdoor Snails, and mature Mystery Snails are more prominent than these predators. That’s why these snails are safe from predatory assassin snails.

3.Do assassin snails kill other assassin snails?

No. Assassin snails do not kill their fellow assassin snails. Also, they do not eat their own eggs and other assassin snail’s eggs. Thus, assassin snails do not have cannibalism behavior.

4.What will kill assassin snails?

According to the study of one of my Quora Digest colleagues, crayfish are large, and they can quickly kill your assassin snails in the tank. A single crayfish is enough to eat and kill many assassin snails.

5.Will assassin snails eat algae even if Nerite snails are in the tank?

Yes! I have read many scenarios of assassin snails coexisting with Nerite snails peacefully. This is because assassin snails are also omnivores; they eat algae, leftover fish flakes, processed fish food, and biofilm. In most cases, these food items were plentifully available to the assassin snails. That’s why they do not harm the Nerites, and both end up living together for years and years.


So, will assassin snails kill Nerite snails? As long as a sufficient supply of algae and pest snails is present, your more giant Nerite snails are safe in the tank. Otherwise, you know very well that your assassin snails army will start assassinating your Nerites. Rehoming the assassin and Nerite snails is the best option to keep them in a peaceful environment. Assassin snails are super cute, and you should definitely keep them in a separate tank if you like them.

If you are still puzzled about the relationship between assassin snails and Nerite snails, you can share your problem with me. I have experience with snails and hope my suggestions will work for you. I would be happy to help you out with that!