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I am Krishanu dhali I work as a full-time WEB DEVELOPER and SEO field and co-founder of Prikton Agency we started this agency in 2023.

I like to work at my own pace offering website design services and giving clients feedback about their requirements I love that.

if you asked me why I’m creating this oceanbitez.com?

There is a long story when I was a child I liked aquatic animals like turtles, crabs, fish, snails, etc.

At the age of 8 years, I own a small aquarium with many aquatic pets.

I missed those days really, when I was younger I found more species in this ocean world that need to be explored.

That is why I’m creating this blog with my research about small aquatic pets’ lives, mating, and care. you can also join me to learn more about 1 million species.

When I find something interesting I like to share it through this blog.
people who like me, are interested in these pets.

Hope you found some interesting stuff here, you can join also the newsletter for weekly articles.

Thank you
Krishanu dhali