Can Hermit Crabs Eat Strawberries

Can Hermit Crabs Eat Strawberries?

Hermit crabs are one of the biggest scavengers. It means they try to eat whatever comes their way. Specifically, they love to eat fruits and vegetables. These foods make up a substantial part of their daily diet. But our focused query is: Can hermit crabs eat strawberries? Also, what if strawberries are not available? 

Yes, hermit crabs can eat strawberries. In fact, most of them generally like to consume strawberries. This fruit is full of minerals and vitamins that can meet the nutritional needs of hermit crab pets. Interestingly, strawberries contain more than 91% water and hermit crabs enjoy eating juicy fruits. These small creatures never say “No” to strawberries!

Hermit crab diet tips have always been a topic of discussion. That’s why including strawberries in the hermit crab diet is a good idea. But, what if strawberries are not available? What are the alternatives to strawberries? I know all these questions are popping up in your mind. Let’s see how to add strawberries to your hermit crabs’ diet plan!

Can hermit crabs like/eat strawberries?

Absolutely Yes! Whenever confusion arises, – Can hermit crabs eat strawberries? The answer will always be a BIG YES. However, hermit crabs like to eat strawberries in small quantities as an occasional treat. Keep in mind that it is essential to make sure the strawberries are fresh. Also, thoroughly wash them to remove any chemicals or pesticides.

According to the study by Joanne Harper at Hermit Crab Answers, strawberries have a sweet taste. This fruit is not just rich in scent but also a complete source of vitamins. For example, vitamins A, C, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene, folate, antioxidants, and soluble fibers. As hermit crabs eat a variety of foods, strawberries must be their occasional snack.

Benefits and Risks of Strawberries for Hermit Crabs


Hermit crabs stay hydrated due to strawberries. Let’s have a look at some of the undeniable benefits of strawberries for hermit crabs:

Strawberries Nutritional Value:

The nutritional value of strawberries is very high. Let’s suppose a 100-gram ripe strawberry contains the following nutritional value:

Dietary Fiber2g
Potassium89 mg
Saturated Fat0mg
Total Fat0.2g
  1. Soothes the immune system:

Along with the aroma and great taste, strawberries have an essential vitamin – vitamin C. This type of vitamin helps to strengthen the immune system of hermit crabs.

  1. Strengthen the Exoskeleton:

The proteins calcium, manganese, and folic acids not only build the exoskeleton of hermit crabs but also strengthen it. Additionally, potassium gives them extra energy. Plus, antioxidants help stave off sickness. Interestingly, hermit crab molting and diet need to change when they require more calcium and protein.

Do you know beta carotene gives vibrant skin colors to hermit crabs?


Let’s see what the risks associated with strawberries for hermit crabs are:

  1. Toxic Chemicals & Pesticides:

The tops of the strawberries are the only things that are risky. Farmers and organic food suppliers spray fruits with various pesticides and herbicides. These sprays are toxic to the health of hermit crabs. So, always shop for organic strawberries and wash the tops properly before use. In this way, any harmful chemicals will wash away!

  1. Do Not Last Longer:

There is no doubt that strawberries do not last longer in hot and humid conditions. As the habitat of hermit crabs is watery, this fruit does not make a good match for hermit crabs’ snacks.

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Moderation and Portion Control

Moderation and portion control are key, as strawberries are not a primary part of their diet. It is important to answer how much strawberries are for hermit crabs. Similarly, how often hermit crabs eat strawberries also needs attention.

The research at the Marine Ecology Forum states that strawberries should be offered to hermit crabs on an occasional basis. Also, offer small, bite-sized pieces of strawberries. A tiny slice or two is enough for a treat of hermit crabs.

Try to limit the frequency of strawberry treats to once a week or even less often. This is because overconsumption of natural sugars can imbalance their health. After all, hermit crabs’ health is based on a varied diet. They do not like to eat the same food item for 24 hours.

Preparing strawberries for Hermit Crabs

Preparing strawberries for hermit crabs is not a difficult task. After washing the strawberries, you can cut off their leaves and stems. As hermit crabs cannot consume a complete strawberry at once, slice it into small pieces. Hermit crabs can also cut the strawberries into smaller pieces with the help of their chelipeds.

Alternatively, if you cut the strawberries, the scent of strawberries tempts the hermit crabs to eat these juicy fruits. Also, you can remove strawberry seeds if you see hermit crabs having choking issues. Lastly, you can serve the strawberries moderately and observe their consumption level. If you notice any digestive issues or if they do not show interest, do not offer them strawberries in the future!

Can hermit crabs eat strawberry leaves?

Yes, hermit crabs can eat strawberry leaves. Leaves are safer for hermit crabs to eat. They prefer to eat maple, Sycamore, or Oak leaves. But, strawberry leaves can also add some variety to their diet.

Plus, strawberry leaves are not less nutritious. Hermit crabs can eat kelp and plants in addition to leaves.

Alternatives to strawberries for hermit crabs:

Hermit crabs’ food variety is not limited to strawberries. Here are a few good alternatives to strawberries:

  • Other fresh fruits like raisins, melons, pineapples, grapes, bananas, apples, coconuts, papaya, and mangos are safe for hermit crabs. So, strawberries vs. other fruits for hermit crabs? Strawberries will win!
  • Brightly colored vegetables like carrots, corn, bell peppers, leafy greens, green lettuce, cauliflower, zucchini, and cucumber make up the best primary diet for hermit crabs. However, avoid feeding them citrus, garlic, and onions.
  • Meat and marrow are my favorite alternatives to strawberries. Whether the meat is cooked fish or raw chicken, hermit crabs will love it!
  • Nuts, including pecans, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and goji berries, are the right options for hermit crabs’ diet. Sia, pumpkin, and sesame seeds are also good alternatives!

Thus, these are the safe foods for hermit crabs. In addressing the above-mentioned food alternatives, do not forget to place two bowls of water near the habitat of hermit crabs. One bowl should contain freshwater, and the other bowl must contain saltwater.


1.Can hermit crabs eat strawberry seeds?

Yes, hermit crabs can eat strawberry seeds. The seeds are present on the exterior of strawberries, and each strawberry has more than 200 seeds. According to the report in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, strawberry seeds are nutritionally rich. Their seeds are packed in achenes, which themselves are fruits.

2.Is it safe for hermit crabs to eat strawberry jam?

Yes! It’s safe for hermit crabs to eat strawberry jam. You can also place your hermit crab in your hand and offer them a little jam. In this way, they’ll learn how to lick something!

3.Can hermit crabs drink strawberry milk?

No, strawberry milk is not suitable for the health of all hermit crabs. However, a few of them like to consume lactose in small quantities in milk or cheese. But remember, hermit crabs are known as messy drinkers.

4.Can baby hermit crabs eat strawberries?

Yes, baby hermit crabs can eat strawberries. It’s easier for the babies to consume soft and squishy strawberries than any other food item.

5.Can hermit crabs eat strawberry flowers?

Yes! Hermit crabs can consume strawberry flowers. These are safe to eat, just like strawberry fruit. But, feed them often, not on a regular basis. Otherwise, strawberry flowers will disturb their stomachs.

Summing It Up!

Let’s look back to the initial query, Can hermit crabs eat strawberries? Hermit crab foraging habits are diverse in their natural habitat. However, this fruit can be a good treat for pet hermit crabs.

But, their primary diet should consist of foods specifically formulated for them. Their primary diet must-have commercial hermit crab food, fresh vegetables, and a calcium source like cuttlebones.

You can also consult a veterinarian to determine the best dietary recommendations for your hermit crab pets.

Happy reading about hermit crab care with strawberries!