How to Stop Mystery Snails From Breeding

Control Mystery Snail Breeding: Essential Tips Inside!

Mystery snails are a favorite hobby of aquarium lovers nowadays and they all know about the hazards and itching things they face when they keep these snails as pets. Mystery snails are quick at breeding and can surprise you with an aquarium full of eggs in a few days. So the question arises: How to stop the mystery snails from breeding?

Among many problems and solutions of having mystery snail eggs in the aquarium, one thing that hits the most is what you keep in the aquarium. Either keep only one mystery snail as a pet or entertain the single sex of the species in your tank. 

Breeding of the snails in the aquarium gives a creepy sight to many among you. But it is not alone the creepiness that may bother you. There are other things that become trouble to your aquarium and should be catered to in time. Stay tuned to note down the reasons for controlling snail breeding in your aquarium.

Why Control Mystery Snail Breeding?

Before I tell you why you shouldn’t keep mystery snails into breeding, it is known that the snail eggs are a treat to hobbyists who hatch them and let their collection of snails grow. 

However, this is a challenging task. The more they grow in the water tank, the more you need to be careful about the health and life of your little ecosystem. So, if you can’t handle and care for the eggs, you better remove them.

Common 4 hazards you may face due to mystery snail eggs: 

Here are some hazards you may face if you face a bulk of mystery snail eggs:

  • Sometimes, the eggs are infertile and they gain harmful bacteria inside them. They disturb the environment of the water tank. Also, they are dangerous food to the living things inside the tank. 
  • Mystery snail eggs have a surprising growth and if you do not pay heed to the egg cluster, the breakout would baffle you. There would be too many and you may lose the other life in your aquarium due to overpopulation. 
  • Mystery snail eggs, once they appear, must be treated carefully even when you want to remove them. They are not easy trash even. If you try to remove them from the water barehanded, you might get some infection.
  • The eggs can also contain foodborne illness and must be kept away from the areas where you place food. 

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How To Stop Mystery Snails From Breeding?

As we see from the above factors, there is a whole class of snail keepers who would immediately remove mystery snail eggs from the water tank. So several hacks are available to let you get rid of the eggs. 

Before we start unveiling the tricks to remove the eggs from the aquarium, it is better to know what triggers the eggs’ hatching. A humid environment, high temperature and excessive feed accelerate the breeding of mystery snails. 

The tip may seem inhumane to some of you, but they are needed if you require the desired result. Here we chalk out the separate plans for implementation:

5 Ways To Stop Mystery Snails From Breeding:

  • If you remove the root of the problem, you are better released. So good to keep either male or female mystery snails in your aquarium. This way, you will not have the fear of fertilization. Check out the sex type of mystery snail by reading it out. However, sometimes you may buy a snail from a store that already contains eggs and lay them in your tank, be ready to remove them. 
  • The fertilization and breeding go faster with the feed excess. It is better to shrink the quantity of food matter for low reproduction. The food should only fulfill the need. The smaller and chunk based the meals are, the less remnants for the snails to feed on. The high-quality food, as in frozen, live and freeze-dried food, is eaten in full by the fish. Very few remains are there for the snails.
  • Clean the aquarium after short intervals to keep the water free of algae and dead plant matter. The snails grow well on them to breed and produce more eggs. Aqueon Aquarium Cleaning Magnet could be match-winning cleaning magnets to keep your aquarium life healthy and clean.
  • Lowering the temperature of the tank may seem inhumane, but it is definitely going to reduce the process after some time. You may use the ice pack and float it in the water to lower the temperature but do care to keep it at most 2-3 degrees in 4 hours.
  • Mystery snails lay eggs in a cluster above the water surface in the aquarium. Try to keep the water level very close to the top of the aquarium so the snails do not have enough room to lay eggs on the wall. 

You can watch this video to know how you can destroy unneeded Mystery Snail Eggs.

Benefits of Allowing Limited Breeding

If you make the breeding process slow down in your tank, you will be less likely to get dozens and dozens of eggs. The less eggs are, the less problems you have. We can also discuss the benefits of having a limited breed of mystery snails in the aquarium. 

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4 Benefits of Having a Limited Breed of Mystery Snails: 

  • With limited breeding, the snails are easy to keep and care for.  You can keep track of your pets’ health.
  • The breeding brings forward more bay snails which disturb the water quality. 
  • If you stop fast breeding, you are safe from the disappearance of your decorative plant matter in the aquarium that snail babies eat. 
  • Your filter intake tubes are clean without snail interruption. The mystery snails have a habit of hiding in the substrate and they do the damage at night. So better without them. You can buy PENN-PLAX Standard aquarium tubing for smooth water flow in your water tank.

Watch this video: Mystery Snail Care and Breeding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What do mystery snails need more to breed?

The mystery snails need a humid atmosphere, high temperature and excess feed to breed fast. The cluster of eggs is laid near the top of the tank out of the water where they get moisture and high temperature both.

At what age do mystery snails breed?

They breed at 4 months and are called mature at this age. At this age, they are 1-2 inches in size.  The breeding age does vary according to species. 

What happens if you lower the temperature of the aquarium too much?

Lowering too much a temperature may act in reverse. Since you lower the temperature to decrease the breeding speed, dropping more temperature can cause the onset of many parasites. 

Why keep the meals smaller and in chunks for aquarium life?

In the case of smaller meals, the fish and other organisms in the aquarium leave food remains less frequently and give the mystery snails less chance to eat excessively. This helps in breeding reduction. 


Keeping mystery snails in your water tank is a boon to your eyes if you like them. They are faster than many other types of their family and have a habit of climbing to the walls more often. In order to breed snails, you need to stay active and informed about all the tips and tricks. In the opposite case,  follow the guide given above to stay with a limited number of pet mystery snails.